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  Background to the Escort Posters and Prints

In preparation : At present a selection of Escort RS poster is being prepared. These posters have been produced at high-resolution (see close-up below for an idea of the detail in these prints) and in a large run enabling it to be priced VERY competitively - online ordering will be announced soon - see Posters section for more details on these Posters.

Poster details
Close-up showing the level of Detail in the prints

Commission Work

In addition to the MK2 RS poster, commission work can be undertaken to create the car of your choice. As an example, Classicford's Jon Betts tried out some colour combinations prior to committing to painting. These custom orders have been made in many colour combinations / striping / stickers, wheel types (see Alloy Wheels Selection), number plate, custom modifications, etc. Shown below are a few examples of completed work :

Escort MK1 RS CUSTOM Posters

This version was created for Classicford's Jon Betts. It was used to test colour schemes for the Project Escort that is currently being featured in the Classicford magazine.

Jon requested a lowered, de-badged, version without spots and wing badges and with BBS split alloys, number plate on the bonnet, cooling holes and front bib spoiler.


These versions were created for They are replicas of Steve's own hybrid MK2 "Mexico" and his RS2000. With distinct features of chrome door mirror, bonnet pins, rear spot, number plates and Turbosport sun strip these are instantly recognisable as Steve's own cars.

Supplied as animated gifs in Large, Medium (shown) and Avatar size, and also as large high-res images.

Animated GIF of Escort MKII
Steve's LLK RS2000 Animated Gif

This version was created to the owner's requests which were :

  • Special Red Bubble arched shell
  • Sparco seats
  • 15" Minilites
  • De-badged
  • Roll Cage
  • Classic style Number plate

This version was created to the owner's requests to re-create his old MK1, which were :

  • Sebring Red with Black roof
  • Sport wheels
  • Chrome Cibies
  • Chrome window surrounds
  • 1600 GT Badges
  • Chrome Door Mirrors
  • Number plate

MK1 Escort RS2000. This was created as a showpiece image - with Bubble Arches, Spots, Bib Spoiler, Bull Bars and Rally Bars, Mud Flaps, Sparco Seats, Minilte Alloys. Open bonnet shows a Cosworth Engine.

Finished in RS2000 colours of Le-mans Green with Green decals.

RS2000 Poster silver

The above images were printed on Heavy-grade High-Gloss Photo Pro Paper giving an ouput that is identical to a photo. The print shown below was for me :)

Escort MK1 Poster
Framed print leaning against the real Escort MK1 RS2000

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