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Ford Capri MK IV
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Ford Capri MkIV concept : Development

Started in 2006, here is an early start at trying the modern treatment on the Capri coupe shape. All new panels - absolutely nothing carried over from my MK1 model. Surprised it looks so much like a Capri. This is where the basic shape and design started to evolve. The new design 5 spoke RS Alloys were developed from the classic 4 spoke design, and evolved even further with a split-rim design. The early stages of the X'-Pack style arches were beginnning to take shape.

Capri 2006 Harbour shot
Concept Capri down by the harbour in the evening sun

Capri RS X-Pack
X-Pack prototype

RS Capri Concept MK IV
Latest image - Concept RS Capri by the Sea (West coast of Scotland) - Click for Full Size image

RS Concept Capri underground
RS Concept Capri in an underground car park - Click for Full Size image

RS Capri Concept details
Close-up of Concept RS Capri

RS Capri Concept MK IV
Concept RS Capri in blue

Concept Capri RS in gloss black
Concept Capri RS in gloss black

Concept Capri RS rear view
Concept Capri RS - preview of rear view, temporary rear lights

Split Rim Capri Concept RS Alloy
Split rim RS Alloy

Earlier renders - different development stages :

Concept Capri 2006 RS version
Flared Arches and RS Extreme Alloys with magnesium Centres

Capri Concept 2006
Concept Capri 2006 in Electric Orange

Capri 2006 rear view
Rear view of Concept Capri

Capri Concept 2006 in red
Capri Concept 2006 in Red

Concept Capri - bi-xenons
Concept Capri with Angel-eye style side lights

Rear view of Concept Capri
Rear view of Concept Capri with lower diffuser and twin exhausts

Capri Concept MK IV
Front view of the Concept Capri IV - showing bi-xenons


Concept Capri in Electric orange
Electric Orange Concept Capri

Completely new design of the classic RS Alloy into a 5 spoke design with sweeping rim, complete with Brembo 6 pot performance calipers :

New Style RS Alloy 5 Spoke