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 1. RS Alloy (Capri)
 2. BBS Alloy
 3. Headlight - Spherical
 4. Puddle Texture
 5. mr Paint Techniques
 6. Brake Disc Mapping
 7. Mental Ray caustics
 8. Simple Tyre Tutorial
 9. Simple Metal Material
 10. Production Shaders
 11. Rounded Corners
         and AO Detailing
 12. MR Water/Caustics
 13. MR HDR Motion Blur
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  3DS Max Tips and Tutorials - Outline of tutorials

Mental Ray Production Shaders TutorialsDMMULTIMEDIA 3D Tips Section
3ds Max and Mental Ray tutorial
Brake Disc Texturing Tutorial
Tyre Tread Tutorial
mental ray metals with Arch & Design
Ambient Occlusion and Rounded Corners
Caustics and Water in Mental Ray

This section will contain a growing number of FREE modelling & rendering tips and tutorials for Autodesk's Studio 3D MAX mostly using Mental Ray (although the concepts should be applicable to most render engines). Where possible, Textures and Scene files will be included. The initial Tutorials include :

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