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DMMultimedia | Client Work | Volkswagen Golf r32

Client Work - Volkswagen R32 Model and composite renders (2007)
VW R32 Micro website

The following 3D renders were created for the Award-winning Tribal DDB Sydney team putting together the Australian VW Golf R32 website. Using a supplied 3D model the brief was to incorporate the virtual R32 into several scenes photographed around Sydney. These shots were then incorporated into a slick Flash microsite exploring all the features of the R32.

Shown below is a before and after shot showing the initial model to the final image (which incorporated the rendered 3D model, with reflections, lighting and shadows to match the scene).

Creation of the VW R32
Simplified preview illustrating the steps used to incorporate the VW Golf R32 into Photo scenes
VW Golf R32 at the traffic lights
Textures applied, in evening light by the traffic lights.
Golf R32 on the highway
VW Golf R32 in the high street. All the shots have varying lighting to match - Day, Night etc.
R32 on wet street
A tricky shot as the ground is also reflective, requiring some tricks to mask the reflected light from the street lights and replacing with the blurred reflection of the R32
R32 on wet street - backplate
This is the original backplate for the above shot.
VW R32 Lurks in a side street
VW R32 in an inner city environment - This image had subtle animations on the R32 microsite
VW Golf R32 at night
Another lighting setup, sitting in the sulphur glow of the street lighting
VW Golf R32 in the park
VW R32 n the park