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DMMultimedia | Scientific Illustrations | Geological Waste Disposal DVD 2003

Scientific Illustrations - Nagra Underrground Waste Disposal DVD 2009

A detailed scale repository model (created using techincal plans) with associated buildings and equipment was created as part of a full length DVD outlining with full animation a proposed repository design and waste disposal method. The images below are stills taken from the Nagra Deep Geological Disposal in Opalinus Clay 2003 DVD which outlines the proposed procedures and methods for the remote emplacement of a HLW (High Level Waste)/ spent fuel canister.

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The movie displays the transport of a HLW waste canister to its resting place in an emplacement tunnel.

In the initial seconds this is represented by an orange dot moving down the main access ramp.

Once in the transition tunnel, the locomotives pass the canister to the remote electrical locomotive.

The electrical locomotive transports the canister to the emplacement tunnel where it is transferred onto the emplacement trolley.

The emplaced canister is backfilled with bentonite.

Possible remote emplacement method of an HLW / spent fuel canister

Overview of the tunnel layout

Transition zone to electric locomotive

Locomotive arrives at top of emplacement tunnel

HLW Canister is transferred for emplacement in the tunnel

Emplacement tunnel is back-filled with sand/bentonite pellets

This excerpt is taken directly from the Nagra DVD (available to order online from Nagra). The excerpt does not have sound, the full DVD has a choice of English or German soundtrack.


Further background information on the proposed Radiactive Waste Disposal methods can be found on the Grimsel website :

DMMultimedia also created The Grimsel website.

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The original work done in creating this animation was updated and enhanced for the full HD version - found here : Scientific Illustrations - Nagra 2009.