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The MK2 Workshop : Resting place for parts and tests for the Escort MK2 RS 3D Model

This section contains miscellaneous images when constructing the Escort MK2 RS model - including structure tests of the inner wings and floor/transmission tunnel area, minilites and fishnet recaro seats.

Gloss Black RS2000
Gloss Black RS2000

Floor and inner wing test on the Escort MK2 Mexico

Inner wing and front panel test on the Escort MK2 Mexico

Close-up of the floor panels and transmission tunnel on the Escort MK2 Mexico

Early version of the Escort MK2 poses with the Escort MK1 model

Early version testing the wings and door mirrors

Testing the rear panel, lights and bumper on the Escort MK2 Mexico

Fishnet Recaro test

Recaros and carpet in the Escort MK2 shell

Minilte Alloy test

From small acorns - the very first test render of the Escort MK2 model