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The MK1 & MK2 Escorts have many dedicated websites. These are great places to meet fellow owners, find and swap parts, source cars and attend the many organised events. Here are a few sites to check out :

SOSE : Scottish Old Skool Escorts

SOSE : Scottish Old Skool EscortsScottish home of the Escort. Vibrant, friendly forum with many organised events throughout the year - home of the Highland Tour. Meeting place for all "old Skool" Fords - Escorts, Cortinas, Anglias, Capris, 100E etc.

Visit SOSE

Rallye Sport Escorts

The fun, friendly and informative forum for all AVO & RS MKI & MkII Escorts incl Motorsport Variants

Visit Rallye Sport Escorts

Old Skool Ford

Popular forum dedicated to all old skool Fords. "We like to get out there and use the things, rather than just bringing them out on a sunny day twice a year."

Visit Old Skool Ford

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Ford Escort MK1 RS2000 : The real car

The real AVO (Advanced Vehicle Organisation) RS2000 was first produced in June 1973. It followed on from the cheaper Mexico (1600 Kent X-flow) and the exotic RS1600 (1600 TwinCam), all using the same type 49 strengthened shell. The RS2000 benefited from the then new 2 Litre SOHC which gave it near RS1600 performance but with the reliability and ease of use of the Mexico - whilst sitting at a price point neatly between the Mexico and RS2000. Around 3,500 cars were produced during its production life. Prices for good MK1 RS cars today are now rising.

MK1 RS2000 Standard Spec

Engine SOHC Pinto 1993 cc
Power 100 BHP at 5,700
0-60 mph 9 sec
Top Speed 110 mph
Economy 25-30 mpg

I enjoyed making the 3D model so much that when I had the opportunity to purchase an RS2000 in near identical spec to the model I jumped at the opportunity. Specialist Insurance is available for a very reasonable cost (I personally use AON). The car always attracts a friendly crowd wherever it goes and is the first car I have EVER bought that is appreciating in value (been offered much more than I paid - MANY times) ! It is not for sale ....

For more MK1 Escort websites see the Links on the left hand panel.

Here are a few pics of my own RS2000 (Thanks also to Steve from SMc Photograpy SMc Photography for the professional photoshoot images taken for RetroFord ) :

RS2000 SMc Photograpy
RS2000 in motion (Courtesy SMc Photography)

RS2000 SMc Photography
RS2000 by SMc Photography

Mk1 RS2000 by the sea
MK1 RS2000 by the sea

RS2000 in Ford Showroom
A very rare sight - an RS2000 in a Ford Showroom !

RS2000 with Spotlights
MK1 RS2000 with 2 up - 2 down spotlights

Producing over 100bhp at the wheels on the rolling road - smooth tractable power - BEFORE REBUILD

During the Summer of 2006 I installed an uprated 2.1 tuned engine engineered by JEMS, featuring a 205 block, 93mm pistons, injection rods, lightened & balanced, decked, uprated oil pump, arp bolts, electronic ignition, special light flywheel - and an Ultra big valve cylinder head (unleaded) with stainless steel valves, ported out to the max with the valve lifts set for the Kent FR33 cam timed with a Kent vernier pulley. During the rebuild a new racing Clutch form AP was installed along with a rebuilt 5spd gearbox.

2.1 bottom end
Rebuilding the new 180 BHP Engine from JEMS - The 2.1 bottom end full rebuild

BVH Race cylinder head
JEMS Big Valve Head, ported and polished with setup valve train geometry and Kent FR33

Uprated Gearbox
Rebuilt 5spd Gearbox with RS2000 Alloy bellhousing - and AP Racing Clutch

Swapping Engine
Exchanging existing 2.0 130BHP engine (foreground) for the uprated JEMs 180BHP 2.1

Shake down run
Just back from the first shake down run with new JEMs 2.1 installed and running sweetly

JEMs 2.1 Race Engine
successful installation running with Group 1 twin 44 IDF Webers ...

Works fine !
... and works well ;)

And a little movie of the engine during run-in - so no high revs. Turn up your speakers and press play to view:

This video requires Flash to view
Flash Movie of the new engine revving - click the play button