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3D Studio Max Tips and Tutorials for Mental Ray and iray - Overview

Autodesk 3ds MaxThe 3D Tutorials section contains detailed step-by-step tutorials exploring modelling, texturing and rendering techniques using Autodesk 3DS Max and the Mental Ray and Iray renderers.

Topics covered include : Modelling Alloy wheels (BBS and RS), modelling headlights, modelling tyres, texturing techniques for metallic car paint, Brake Disc creation and texturing, simple Metal textures, texturing water, depth and caustics, using Ambient Occlusion (AO) and the Mental Ray rounded corners shaders, Mental Ray Production shaders to incorporate a 3D model into a backplate image, iray setup for using matte shaders, and many more....

This 3D Tutorials section will be expanded to include newly released features in the latest versions of 3DS Max

3D Studio Max : Using the Mental Ray Production Shaders

The Mental Ray Production Shaders are perfectly suited to compositing 3D scenes with background images or videos. These shaders make it possible to incorporate your 3D model directly into an image. Used with a background plate and 360 HDRI (Many companies offer these image packs), and using the new IBL options, very realistic results can be obtained. This set of tutorials will discuss using the Production Shaders : from simple chrome ball, to 360 HDRI IBL setups.

Free HDRI set for the 3DS Max Production Shaders Tutorial
3D Studio Max : Using the iray renderer

The iray render engine is included in Autodesk 3DS Max. This renderer uses the power of nvidia graphics cards to assist the processor in producing a final render. This section looks at iray, the useful extra shaders and iray's strengths/weaknesses in creating automotive renders.

Iray matte & car paint shaders 3DS Max Tutorial
3D Studio Max Texturing and shader Tutorials

These 3D Tutorials explore texturing and shader techniques in 3DS Max. Creating realistic car paint shaders is explored in depth, looking at a variety of ways to create metallic paints using traditional methods, the Arch and Design shader and the mr car paint shader. Glare and Glow shaders are looked at with respect to using headlights, and simple textures are used for car Brake Discs. Also explored is the Mental Ray Arch&Design shader to create Water Effects (with depth and caustics).

Mental Ray car paint shaders 3DS Max TutorialMental Ray arch&design water depth and caustics 3DS Max Tutorial
Car brake discs 3DS Max TutorialMental Ray glow and glare shaders 3DS Max Tutorial
Mental Ray AO and Rounded Corners 3DS Max TutorialSimple puddletextures 3DS Max Tutorial
Mental Ray Simmple Metal textures 3DS Max Tutorial
3D Studio Max Poly-Modelling Tutorials

These 3D Tutorials show how to create alloy wheels (as a classic RS alloy and BBS alloy), car tyres and how to create and texture a simple round headlight. With these basic modelling techniques almost any alloy wheel or tyre can be created.

Ford RS Alloy Wheel 3DS Max TutorialBBS Alloy Wheel 3DS Max Tutorial
Car Tyre 3DS Max TutorialRound Headlights 3DS Max Tutorial