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MKII Escort RS
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The Real Escort Mk2 RS models

The legendary Escort RS1800 was produced from March 1975 to September 1977. Evolving from the MK1 RS1600 but now with a 1.8 16-valve twincam this variant went on to become quite simply one of the most successful Rally cars ever built - and is still seen competing to this date ! While the standard spec looks very modest, this engine has massive tuning potential with the Rally versions pumping out well over 200 BHPIt is estimated that around 75 road cars still remain.

Engine DOHC 1.8 BDA
Power 115 BHP at 5,700
0-60 mph 9.0 sec
Top Speed 114 mph

Launched in Jan 1976 the Escort RS2000 was based on the two door MK2 Escort with the addition of a lightweight "droop snoot" to aid aerodynamics. The MK2 RS2000 used the basic layout of the MK1 but with the addition of a specially cast exhaust manifold power output was increased to 110 Bhp. Offered with a choice of trims including the plush "Custom" interior with Recaros this model proved very popular.

Engine SOHC Pinto 1993 cc
Power 110 BHP at 5,700
0-60 mph 8.6 sec
Top Speed 109 mph

As an entry point into MK2 RS ownership, the MK2 Escort Mexico was produced between November 1975 and July 1978. The MK2 Mexico followed the same practice of offering the same chassis and running gear as the more expensive models but with a more affordable engine. The MK2 Mexico differed from the MK1 by utilising the 1600 SOHC Pinto in place of the early Kent engine.

Engine SOHC Pinto 1600 cc
Power 95 BHP at 5,700
0-60 mph 11.1 sec
Top Speed 106 mph