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DMMultimedia | Scientific Illustrations | Geological Waste Disposal DVD/HD 2009

Scientific Illustrations - Nagra Underrground Waste Disposal DVD 2009

A series of emplacement tunnels will be constructed deep underground to house the HLW and SF canisters. An example layout for a SF/HLW repository and an operational study (surface facilities, emplacement tunnels, pilot tunnels, rock laboratory, access ramp, ventilation tower, etc.) has been developed by Nagra in Switzerland.

A 10 minute long 3D animated film was created in full 1080P resolution - now also used in the visitor centres of the Swiss Nuclear Power Plants. A lower res Widescreen version was included on the nagra DVD.

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The images below are stills taken from the Nagra Die LÖSUNG DVD which outlines the procedures and methods for the remote emplacement of a HLW / spent fuel canister.

Vitrified Waste Transport Canister cut-away
Vitrified Waste Transport Canister cut-away
Radwaste Retrieval Concept - Nagra
Radwaste retrieval concept - Nagra 2009
LLW Waste emplacement
LLW Waste emplacement in the storage cavern
LLW Waste emplacement, on transfer crane
LLW Waste emplacement in the storage cavern, on transfer crane
HLW Waste retrieval concept
HLW Waste retrieval concept
Coastal Repository Design
High Level Waste (HLW) repository concept design visualisation for Nagra