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3D Studio Max Studio - Modelling a car headlight - Part 3

Part 3. Mental Ray Glare and Glow shaders

Preview of a simple scene using Mental Ray Glare and Glow Shaders in Studio 3D MAX to mimic the glare/flaring from a Halogen light with patterned lens and a powerful blue-tint Xenon light. The Flash animation below shows the two lights with glare/streak effects as the camera sweeps around - also used is the puddle texture that is explained in detail in the Puddle Texture section :

Example file (Max 9 35kb max 7) from this discussion thread on CG-Cars. Newer versions of Max will require adjusted settings.

This video requires Flash to view
ANIMATION Flash animation showing sweep around lights

Preview Images showing the same scene as above with the addition of an image to control streaking:

Mental Ray Light Texture and Puddle
Mental Ray Glare (streak) used for effect on the lights - with the Puddle Texture
Mental Ray glare effect
The Xenon light has a stronger setting for the Glare shader and is effected more by streaking
Mental Ray Glare Light Shader
Looking straight on to the lights sources - the Halogen light is correctly focusing the light directly into the camera
Mental Ray Glare Shader
Bright hotspot created by intense Xenon settings
Test Lights